SSP 3-5 Years


The Little Genius program is a progressive early years program that carefully considers all aspects of a child’s development: emotional, social, physical, and cognitive. 
We believe that children can best acquire a rich body of knowledge and the skills needed for future learning through a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and that builds upon itself year by year.
The first year at Little Genius is a crucial one in building self-confidence, independence and responsibility.
Our toddlers form friendships and discover the joy and excitement of learning in a nurturing environment.
English Language:
The Little Genius language program provides rich and varied experiences in each of the four interrelated language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading.
We recognize that there are many ways in which children learn how to read. Our program builds on what the children already know about oral and written language and takes into account each child’s learning style, interests, motivation and level of maturation.
Carefully structured activities involve the children in functional language experiences and provide opportunities for literacy development in a stimulating and non‐pressured way.
Children are introduced to concepts in the following areas: numbers, one‐to‐one correspondence, attributes and sets, numeral reading and writing, classification, comparisons, measurement, geometry, spatial perspective and relations, and place value. 
The Little Genius music curriculum invites children to respond to music through songs, rhymes, games, instruments, and dances. All activities help the children experience the elements of music – rhythm, melody, tempo, dynamics, texture and form.
Our French classes are conducted entirely in French. The French curriculum is integrated, meaning that it aligns with the English curriculum, allowing for meaningful connections to be made between the two. At times, in French class we will mirror what is being taught in the English classrooms. At other times, our class activities will be an extension of something that has already been studied. With this approach, language becomes a vehicle for learning content, which is a very motivating and effective way to develop new language skills.
Additionally, singing is a fundamental part of language learning, and students will learn many songs throughout the year.