Little Genius Foundation Program

Little Genius Program Unlocks Babies’ Learning Potential
Your child can achieve anything, and the time for learning is now!

The Learning Center – Istanbul presents Little Genius, an innovative new program to teach babies and toddlers skills usually seen only in school-aged children.
Developed by a Learning Specialist and a Speech and Language Pathologist, this tested method engages babies and tots through playful activities while stimulating their intellectual capabilities during their prime learning years. From birth to age three, a baby’s brain creates hundreds of new neural pathways every second, so imagine the learning potential!You’d be surprised at how many new skills and concepts your baby can learn in a fun and playful atmosphere. Experts agree that after the age of three, the rate of brain development slows down, so make the most of this window of opportunity. Don’t wait for school. The time for learning is now!
Sessions are held for two hours every weekday morning, and students must attend all their sessions each week. A parent or nanny must attend each session with the student.
Parents are invited to come and see the program in action any weekday between 10 -12 .
During the sessions, children thrive in the interactive play environment, listen to live music and enjoy individual attention as they develop their intellectual abilities. Instruction is in English by native English speakers who are qualified and experienced speech-language professionals. All students receive 30 minutes of age-appropriate reading instruction during each session.
Teaching is focused on students’ receptive language abilities, so they learn concepts and skills they are able to understand at their individual developmental stages.