1-2 Years?

1-2 Years?


Little Genius Foundation Program

Time and place:

Sessions are held for two hours 10am-12 PM, 2-4 PM every weekday. A parent or nanny must attend each session with the student.

Our Program Goals:

Activities aim to teach your baby:

* to participate in a play routine with another person for 2 minutes
* to participate in turn-taking games or social routines
* to demonstrate appropriate use of objects in play
* to follow routine, familiar direction with cues
* to understand verbs in context
* to understand use of objects
* to identify familiar objects from a group of objects
* to understand spatial concepts
* to understand simple WHAT/ WHERE questions
* to identify colours
* to identify shapes
* to identify photographs of familiar objects
* identifies body parts
* to understand quantity concepts
* to differentiate between boy / girl
* to sort from a choice of 3 or 4 matching
* to begin tracing